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Accelerate India is not just
a platform; it's a visionary initiative designed to propel startups from all corners of the world towards unprecedented success

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Our mission is clear:
to empower the dreams
of startups, irrespective
of where they begin, and to accelerate their futures on a global scale

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About us

Accelerate India: Where Startups Bloom and Blossom Globally

  • Global Vision, AI-Powered Growth: Empowering Startup Success.

  • Unlike traditional platforms, Accelerate India focuses on three key aspects that set us apart.

Elevate Your Startup's Journey Today.
Welcome to Accelerate India, a visionary initiative dedicated to propelling Indian startups onto the global stage. Our mission is clear: to empower startups to realise their full potential, contribute to the global economy, and create a network of innovation and collaboration.

Global Reach, Local Roots

We offer startups access to a global network while staying rooted in the local ecosystem's challenges and opportunities.

Empowerment Through Education

We provide startups with resources and expert guidance, enabling sustainable growth through knowledge.

Cultivating Collaboration

Our platform fosters partnerships among startups, investors, industries, and thought leaders, nurturing a community of shared goals and ideas.

Accelerate your Startup

It's about connecting dreams, bridging continents, and accelerating the futures of startups worldwide.

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